Preparation Recipes


To get a good taste and aroma of Darjeeling tea the classical way of preparation is recommended


- Rinse a brewing teapot with boiled water that the part of heat was not spent in the further for heating of the teapot

- Put into a teapot 1 teaspoonful of the tea per person plus 1 teaspoonful per a teapot. Fill it with boiled water and allow tea to be infused during 5 minutes

- Pour liquid tea from the teapot into on cups and if necessary add boiled water


Usually its not need to add sugar, jam or a lemon into Darjeeling tea. Exception makes only milk, which is sometimes added to taste.


Recommendations of the general character


For tea preparation it is recommended to use soft (not containing a high percentage of mineral salts) water. The distilled water is not suitable, because of low percentage of oxygen in it. Fresh spring water is most suitable.


Use a porcelain teapot of the round form, it will allow to keep temperature of water longer. Porcelain is a good heat insulator, and the round form has the minimal surface of cooling.


Pleasant tea drinking!


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